On Saturday we got up at 9:30, went to the beach. Thankfully Judy lives only about 10 minutes away, so it’s not a long trek either way. It was a very nice day, very sunny. We put down our towels, put on sun block, and then went into the water. The temperature of the water was great, but there was a lot of seaweed in the water. It was strange, because it wasn’t green, it was brown seaweed. The sand got really hot in the sun (duh), and by the time we got ouf of the water around 11:30 or so, I burned the bottom of my feet walking back to the towels. We laid on the towels for a short while, then went back in the water again. After about another 30 mins, we decided to eat our lunch and then leave. We left around 1 PM. We went home and showered. Then we went to Publix and bought food for the next two nights. We were making Stuffed Peppers and Tuna Caserole. We went back home and relaxed for a little while, and by the time we started making food, we decided that the Tuna Caserole would be for tonight because it takes a lot less time to make. Mom then noticed a white stripe on her leg from where Judy applied sunblock, and that the rest of her leg was very red because she missed the rest of it. I only had some minor sun on my ears, and my scalp got more sun then I’d like :-/