Happy Fourth of July! The 4th wasn’t very exciting overall, but a good time nevertheless. We went to the Sawgrass Mills mall, and parked in front of “Wannado City” which is this cool place for kids to be able to “do what they want to do” (get it?)…Ie, news reporter, police officer, airplane pilot or attendant, etc..For only $20! (Of course it had some financial gain for them…) Pretty neat concept though. Anyway, we walked through the mall with myself, my grandmother, my aunt, and one of her friends, who stayed with us the whole day. I picked up 2 pairs of sneakers for $89…as seen here:



… other image coming soon, but a pair of NewBalance 620s

After that, we had lunch, and then some ice cream from Hagen-Dazs, which was really good. We then stopped by my aunt’s friend’s house, and talked there for a while. Then we went back home and started making dinner, and once my aunt got back from grabbing some pasta and bread, and her friend got here, we had dinner.

Then we went to go see fireworks. Well, the fireworks were supposed to start at 9 PM. We got to the beach around 8:30, and found some parking in a nearby Walgreens parking lot. We walked to the beach, and set up a spot. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. At 8:58 they started playing some patriotic music, and then…nothing. 9:15 comes and goes. Then 9:30. Finally at 9:45 the barge pulls into position, and the fireworks begin. Before all this, you have idiots shooting off fireworks on the beach, in this huge crowd of people. If that’s not a good reason why fireworks are outlawed in NY, I’m not sure what is. People are plain stupid. This is an undeniable fact. Thankfully, nobody got hurt, at least not that I saw.

The fireworks display was nice, and I’ll have the pics from my digital camera in the gallery soon. My aunt took video of it on her camera too. When it came time to leave, however, it was pretty crazy. The display ended about 10:15 PM. We got off the beach, and headed into Walgreens, because the street was crazy. We left Walgreens at 10:40 PM, and then tried to go to the left (the way we needed to go)…and was told by police to go to the right. So we drove, and drove….to the next major street so we could head back in the correct direction. We finally got through the large amount of traffic, and made it home at 11:30 PM. I called Leon and talked to him for some time, and then went to sleep.