In the morning they woke us up at 6 AM, which I consider to be early, but it wasn’t so bad. We had complimentary breakfast at 7:30 AM which consisted of bland scrambled eggs, toast which was soggy with butter, french fries, bacon and nasty sausage. We got on the bus at 8:30 and we were on our way to see the changing of the guard. We saw some sculpture that was 3.8 million dollars of a spider, as well as the Prime minister’s residence, and Hillary Clinton’s Thirteen million dollar sculpture which looks like it’s giving Canada ‘the finger’. Then we went to see the changing of the guard. This was a major waste of time, but I guess at least I can say I saw it. Then we got back onto the bus and headed for the 1000 Islands. This was a 2 hour trip on the bus, which was only supposed to be an hour. I was not particularly fond of the bus anymore, if ever I was… We had to use the bathroom at this point, and unfortunately so did everyone else. There was supposed to be two sets, but only one was in operation. This unfortunately made for a ridiculously long line, and so us being the ingenious people that we are, we bought two waters and then used the “washroom” of the little food place nearby. Then we had some ice cream before our boat for the tour arrived, and Leon wanted to go to this shop that served Hershey’s ice cream, but I said we should go across the street to a place with homemade ice cream, and Leon reluctantly went. After we ate the ice cream, Leon admitted that for once I was right about my prediction on the quality of the food. This made me feel very good, because Leon tends to be right, which usually pisses me off.

Then the boat came, and we started our tour. The boat itself was technically impressive, with a total of 5 diesel engines onboard. Three powered the boat with a total of over 1000 HP, and two provided electricity. The weather was gloomy, with impending rain. The sites were explained in three languages, and the major problem with taking photos was a majority of the islands looked the same. The narrator said that there were over 1800 islands, some purchased very cheaply, by rich people. For example, one island was bought for a bottle of rum and $25. Rich people tend to continue to be the ones inhabiting the islands. Another anecdote is that it’s where 1000 island dressing was invented. Thankfully the boat when coming back was pretty fast, as we went past the islands kind of slow. Overall it was OK, a nice ride but nothing too crazy. Then we got back on the bus. Oh joy.