So far Canada looks like upstate NY except everything is even cleaner, and of course in the Metric system.

We stayed at a Radisson hotel which had a very comfortable sleep number bed. By te time we got there, we were kind of hungry, so we looked for somewhere to eat. On the way we toured a little and saw the Supreme court and the Parliament. The Parliament building was pretty big, and looked pretty cool. It had bronze sheets on the roof which had oxidized giving it a antique look. One thing you notice is that there is a Canadian flag on every building. We stopped at a tourist information placed and talked with a really nice guy who told us where the nearby restaurants were. We found a place called Yesterday’s, and we sat down, but after looking over the menu we decided that the fare didn’t look so hot and it was more expensive the we wanted. We continued walking around, eventually making it to the market area. We ate dinner at a Japanese rest named Wasabi, it wasn’t so great in that the service was slow and the food was expensive.