Jan 1, day off.

Jan 2. Oh boy. I call up Verizon customer service, and explain what’s going on. I am told:

  1. ETF is valid.
  2. No way to put insurance, it’s against the 3rd party insurance’s policy..Even though it was out of service for 2 hours.

    Needless to say, I’m not very happy at this point. I tell the guy, please ask your supervisor. We’re talking about $175, vs $60 a month in revenue, or a total of $720. He talks to the supervisor, and they say fine…We’ll give it back, if you stay at least 6 months. If you leave in 6 months, 2 ETFs instead of 1. I say this is fine, he says he needs final approval.

    Supervisor hands him a note saying because it was a 2 year contract, they’ll waive it only if I stay until the original end date. One year more of annoyance is not worth $175. One year more of annoyance is certainly not worth $50 in a phone price break. Therefore, the idiots lost $545 (they got my ETF), and made for one very pissed off customer, so in the end, screw you Verizon.

    I went to a Cingular store, bought the Samsung Blackjack, which is great so far - it’s not a PDA though…thats why I have the Dell Axim to do stuff like MS Money. The Blackjack is a phone, does E-Mail, Calendar, To-Do, and Music and video. That’s fine with me. I’ve got mobile to mobile minutes, so Leon and I can talk without a problem, and I just got mom a prepaid Cingular phone number, so I can also talk to her for as long as I’d like for a flat fee…

    Bottom line: Cingular rocks, Verizon does not.