As of the 26th, my phone is working exactly the way it should be. However, for a while (until yesterday) I was arguing with Cingular’s tech support that it wasn’t qutie right. This was because of the TDMA / Analog roaming feature that I had which wasn’t working because I switched to that USIM. Well, I got the old style SIM back, and pu tht efeature back, but when I tested it in my house I got an error message. When I tested it at work, it didn’t allow me to make the call directly, but I could have made one using a credit card. Whatever. What it comes down to is that Cingular / AT&T is throwing people off their own network, but still allowing you to use others, so if you’re out of their coverage, you can go on others networks. So the next time I’m up in Poughkeepsie, I’ll have to test it, as thats where it worked the first time, before I got the Blackjack.

We realized yesterday that it was this way because we added the feature to another account and it worked exactly the same way. So all is well. :-)