My Blackjack has gone nuts. :-(

Today it would no longer power up, period. Went to the store to get it fixed, and was told I must do an exchange by mail. Wonderful. Oh well, at least they warranty it for a year before having to go direct to Samsung. The idiot rep forgot to give me the # to call, so I have to call CS tomorrow to find out the number.

We also started the paperwork to join Leon and my account on Cingular so we could do a family plan.

Then we ran to Circuit City to get a LG Chocolate for Leon’s sister, but the ass there wouldn’t sell the phone without service, so she ended up going online and getting it for $40 cheaper. :-)

We also looked for a phone for Leon, he found one, but Cingular didn’t have it in stock, and the full price was way too much anyway. EBay to the rescue. :-)