I have finally joined a gym…Leon and I finally decided on Planet Fitness for our needs, as they have pretty much the same equipment as Bally’s, except at less then 1/4 the cost…the only thing they are missing is a pool. Honestly, I can live with that.

We had our first workout on Tuesday, and honestly it was better then I thought it would be. Some friends were there to help both of us with what exercises we should be doing, how much weight, how many repetitions, etc. Working on the machines wasn’t too bad. It was what we did afterwards that really got me. I have to say I have a newfound respect for those who do Yoga. It is very difficult, and really makes you sweat! I will say that I did feel more flexible afterward then I have before.

That being said…the next day, I didn’t hurt too much…driving home on Tuesday hurt a little (we did chest & shoulder related exercises), but in the afternoon on Wednesday is when I started to feel it…other then that not too bad.

We went back on Wednesday night, did some stretching, some bicep curls, some light back exercises, and that was about it. This morning I hurt, lol.

We’ll see how the day is.