Last week I bought a new camera..or two. This all started because my grandmother’s Canon Rebel Ti started refusing to take pictures, and I couldn’t understand why. Well, considering it was blinking the battery light, we figured the obvious - the batteries were dying. This was supported by the fact that the camera had been on at the time that I was looking into it. So we replaced the batteries, and…same problem.

So, I decided to try and find a replacement camera for my grandmother, and I once again turned my attention to the Digital Rebel. This time, to the next gen model, the XT. At this point the XTi model is out, but is more expensive. Coupled with the fact that I wanted to get pictures of the floors to my aunt, I got the camera, and had some prints made to see if it was acceptable quality. Honestly, at 8 mega-pixels, a 4x6 looks just fine (duh). You can crop it and still be fine. So I was all set to give that to her, and still be able to use it when I needed to.

Then I looked at B&H, and they had the Rebel Ti Date cheap at just a little over $100, so I ended up buying her a film camera again. I then went home, and opened up the camera…and looked at what was happening when you released the shutter…the problem was, the shutter was not moving, and that was the problem in the first place..I fixed it, but I’m not sure if it’s going to let any extra light in with the way that I fixed it…So I have a spare roll in the camera right now to see if I really did fix it or not…

So, in the end, I got the Rebel XT, the Rebel Ti, and a Canon 70-300M f/4-5.6 Image Stabilizer lens. The lens is kinda huge, but takes good shots.