Wednesday I moved onto my second set of retainers for Invisalign. I must say, that even though I knew it would be bad, I wasn’t prepared for the fact that the entire day I had a headache because my mouth was in so much pain. However, on Thursday it was still painful, and while I still couldn’t wait to take it out during the time that I eat, my headache was at least no longer a problem. Today, it’s only slightly more noticable then how it usually is, so the estimate of 2-3 days of “discomfort” was not off in terms of time, but the severity was a little more then I expected. It’s much easier to take them out now, but not as easily as the last set was at the end of the first 3 weeks. Overall, I’m still happy I’m doing it, as after 12 months my teeth will finally be the way I want them to be.