Today I played phone tag with Verizon. As I have said earlier, these people need to get their act together.

I originally contacted the 888 number at 10:40 AM. I was told I would hear back from the rep I was speaking with, or from dispatch, in a short while. I called back at 11:40 AM, as I had not heard from anyone. The new rep tried to get me to the order group, but instead transferred me back to the main menu. At this point I am on representative number 3, who says that there are a few departments trying to coordinate with each other to get this resolved, and has a resolve-by time of Tuesday @ 11 AM.I have been told that there is nothing else that can be done at this time.

As of 3:20 PM, I have FiOS Internet active as well, along with the Analog channels of the TV service. I tried hard to get them to send out someone today, but it didn’t happen. As a result, they are sending someone out tomorrow afternoon between 1-5PM, with a request to be after 3:30 PM, as that is when my grandmother will be home.

We’ll see what happens.