Money. In my limited experience with the business world, I can say without hesitation that however lucrative it may seem, if the job is not one that you enjoy, and in fact, grow to despise, then that job is not worth the money.

Over the course of time at my job at Mophap, there have been times where I have thought it sucked and was not worth the stress. To be honest, most of the stress stems from our CEO, who has totally unrealistic expectations, and wants everything yesterday.

After having to come in on Saturday due to a hardware issue - we think it was a disk controller that was very sensative to heat - he takes myself and my boss into the conference room (which is a crappy one because of the rediculous echo, but that’s another issue) and proceeds to tell us that the cabling in the office is a mess and that peoples desk look horrible like they are, and we should clean them up. One of the first things my old boss and I warned him when were looking at this place was that cabling was going to be a mess. This is because everything is against the wall, and some of the desks are in the middle of the room.

In any case, one of the reasons things look so bad is that everyoine is trying to get their job done under the stress that he has created, and as a result, things can get a little messy.

I just think he was totally unappreciative of the fact that myself and a coworker had come in to fix the situation on Saturday, and then proceeds to tell us that the work we are doing is less important then keeping the place clean. You can’t have it all.

Anyway, if I could, I’d quit tomorrow. But I have too many fincial responsibilities at this point to be able to do anything. When the equity in the company doubles or more, and I cash out, that’s when I’ll feel good about it, and happy that it’s all over with. At that point in my life, I don’t really know what will be next.