I got my car on the 27th, registered it no problem. Stupid DMV took over an hour, and I got a parking ticket as a result. :-( The good news is that the car looks to be in very good shape, aside from a few minor scratches, and a couple of nicks here and there. The interior is very clean. The downsides are that both front window regulators are shot - the driver side is worse then the passenger, but they both need to be replaced. They’re $140 each. The rear tires need replacing (already known), and the outside temperature sensor reads either -40 or 122 degrees F (that I knew about too). The upside is that I have an iPod integration kit for the radio, and a factory alarm on the vehicle, so I don’t have to buy either of those.

Speaking of the iPod, I’m rescuing the one Leon gave me when it died on him - the HD is shot on it, but some ingenious people have found a way to put a CompactFlash memory card inside it. So I bought a 32 GB card, and the adapter, and they should be here by the end of the week. No more lugging CDs around with me. :-)

With regards to the SunRay situation, as it turns out, the beta of 4.1 includes 64 bit PAM (authentication) modules, thus negating 75% of my problems with installation on this setup. Ah well. It’s still not perfect, but it is usable as it is.