I’m on the train coming back from the city and the S60 event. It was fun, and cool to meet some people that I’ve spoken with online, and to put some faces to names. I also got to meet Howard Chui of Howard Forums, who is real down to earth and fun to talk with. He was carrying THREE devices on him tonight, LOL.

It was cool talking with some of the S60 and Nokia guys…I got to meet Chance and Ira, who showed off what they were allowed to show off. :-)

They had a giveaway of some Bluetooth headsets, some ear-pieces and 2 N95-3s.

They had a speech from the inventor of the Segway, talking about using technology to help those who are needy to get clean water and electricity. Very cool stuff.

They also talked about a developer’s site which I can’t remember the name of at the second..Giving away money to a good developer…