After my main server decided to almost literally go up in flames (CPU burned itself up), and then moving everything to my desktop…Well, things just didn’t quite work out the way I would have liked.

Then I realized that I wanted to get back into the photography stuff more…And while it’s unfortunate, the reality is, color calibration, nor high-color-depth photo editing is not up to par when compared to platforms such as Apple or Microsoft Windows. So, what’s a good IT geek to do? Install OS X on his PC, of course. Problem: I had a AMD based machine. Solution: Buy a new motherboard and CPU. Moved my old board and some new RAM to a different case…Add in some more storage, and put Solaris with ZFS on it. This was great, got everything working.

Then I tried to enable the Sun Ray functionality. Full stop. This is definite show stopper on OpenSolaris 2008.05. There’s no documentation on how to get it to work, and quite frankly, I want everything to be fixed by now. So I downloaded Solaris Express (aka Nevada) Build 99, installed that…and everything works (had some networking issues, but I have a work-around). Installed Sun Ray software in under 5 minutes. I’m now using the terminal that is for my grandmother.

Here’s the cool part. I went to and opened up my station, and my music started streaming to the terminal I’m at. NO CONFIGURATION. NONE. It’s clearly MUCH better integrated on Solaris then Linux. I’m very happy with this now.

Now I can clean my room. LOL.