I have gotten it to the point where I have a nice little icon on my desktop which allows me to access all of the files on the OpenSolaris box. So far so good. However, I have realized just how much crap is in my old home directory. It’s quite daunting. I need to pick on specific items to be able to clean this up…

I’m about to make the MythTV changes in a moment. Then I can move that machine back downstairs.

On another note, I’m liking my Apple keyboard more now. Apparently it’s made by Mitsumi, who, in an earlier life, made really cheap CDROM drives, so I’m not quite sure what that says about the quality. All I know is that is’ not bad at all.

I’m also picking up on the shortcuts more. Apparently the MacOS equivalent of Home and End keys in text boxes are the up and down arrow keys. That seems to take you to the beginning and end of the field. In a text box, like here on a web page, it’s Command + Left for beginning, and Command + Right for end of line.

In the terminal:
Control+A - Beginning of Line
Control+E - End of Line
Control+D - Delete Character (Forward Delete)
Control+B - Move left (not disturbing existing characters)
Control+F - Move right (not disturbing existing characters)
Control+H - Backspace
Control+K - Delete everything past cursor
Control+W - Delete previous word

And a few others that I don’t quite understand yet, LOL.
I think those are just bash control characters that will work on all bash shells…