Pretty mixed. I’m happy to have a family like I do, and for someone special who loves and cares for me. I’m sad in that my uncle John is now gone forever. I’m anxious being in debt - not as bad as some, but enough to have it weigh down on me. I’ve got a car that’s being rediculously hard to get rid of. Hopefully that will be done with tomorrow, we’ll see. I’ve got money in the stock market going topsy turvy. I feel tired all the time. I feel lazy. Every once in a while, I get these spurts of energy which allow me to get things done which I should have done a while ago. Today I finally finished getting the Slide Show together of my uncle John for everyone. I was supposed to have finished that two weeks ago.

I beat myself up for some stupid things I’ve done recently, but I then try to look into the future. My love for Leon is still there, but we are growing apart. We are two very dfferent people, and while we both love and respect each other, we just don’t mesh well any more. Time and life has changed us. It’s been almost 3 years, time will tell how far we make it.

Work drains me. I get bored easily, I don’t like working on the same thing for extended periods of time. Heck, I just had a tangent right now where I just looked at the bottom of the screen, saw the Serendipity version number, and checked to see just how old it was…The answer is very old. As an aside, I will upgrade this soon.

I have not stuck to it well enough, but I am making a resolution - it’s time for me to be alive again. I am going to be who I am:
a techno-wizard
a photographer
a musician
a traveller

Those are things I like, and things I should focus on. Starting this Monday, I will renew my commitment to my health, and start getting in shape. I had a good, but slow, start. Things took a turn off course, and I’ve been miles off the path for too long now.

I will forge forward, onward.