Today has been an interesting and annoying day so far. Everyone has off at my job for Martin Luther King Jr. day.

I slept over Leon’s house. I got up at around 9 AM, after not sleeping so well. Took a shower, got dressed, and moved my car so as not to get a ticket. In my haste to get to the train station on time (by the time I cleaned the car off enough to see, it was 10:20, and the train was at 10:33.), I left my keys with Leon in case he had to move my car. I also didn’t realize that I didn’t have my office / engineering room / and server room keys on me.

So I realized all this, at 125th street, almost into Manhattan. I got into Grand Central and started calling people. While waiting for them to call back, I was approached by 2 panhandlers in a matter of 3 minutes…I never see that during peak travel hours…it has to be an off-hours thing, annoying to say the least.

There were two co-workers close by…however, one was at his parent’s house which is anywhere but close. The other, I got ahold of, and went up to 86th street (from 42nd) to meet him. I got the keys, but didn’t take a good look at them. Went down to 30th street, where it turns out the building was open anyway. Went up to our floor, and the key for the office doesn’t work. So I started calling others, and nobody’s answering…so finally, I head back home, after a complete waste of 3 hours.