I’ve been testing out some VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions for work, and so far I have to say I like XenDesktop 3 vs Vmware View, even though I have 20 licenses for Vmware VDI 2…But that’s another blog.

Right now, AT&T has started selling the Nokia E71x. It’s $99 after $50 rebate card (around $167 after stupid upgrade fee before rebate), BUT. Stupid AT&T requires it to be on your Main Line with a Data Plan in order to be eligable for the $50 back. So Real price again, $167. $167 isn’t bad, and it’s a nice phone. But then I’m locked into AT&T for 2 years. I think I’d rather the E63 in blue, which is $229, and no contract. That way I can get mom a nicer phone on contract, too, rather then spending $70 for pretty much the exact same thing she has with Bluetooth.

Damn you AT&T!