Not sure how long it’s been messed up, but apparently PHP on the server has been broken. But I wouldn’t know, as I rarely update this page. :-(

So, I’ve decided to make this my space to put my Android related items as well.

Items I’ve uploaded today:

HTC Fuze KeyMap for Linux, Changes in my build, and My current build.

These will work for Android on the HTC Fuze, and should produce decent results. Simply unzip the build to the root of the SD card, and run haret.exe. Then hit “Run” in the box.

Items in need of work:

Power button doesn’t work
Keymap is default QWERTY instead of Fuze specifc one
Audio recording crashes kernel - don’t use Shazam or Google Voice Search
Bluetooth and WiFi are in experimental stages, not included here
GPS does not work, being worked on by cr2
RAM amount is less then it should be

Feel free to let me know what you think, if you download this build.