Work has been fairly hectic lately, that’s why there still are no new photos in th last week or so.

Lots of work to do at the data center, as well as main sure everything else doesn’t collapse in the mean time.

On another note, I was doing more camera research, because I have to figure out what to but by the end of the month, as that is when my rental credit runs out.

The 5D is still high on the list. But I have always had a thing for Fuji cameras. The biggest downside of the SLR versions of them is that they are not full frame. As it turnaround out, Kodak made a full frame digital camera for both Canon and Nikon mount.

My options are:
Fuji S5 Pro for better dynamic range and pretty good high ISO sensitivity plus a ($800)
Kodak SLR/n for full frame low ISO performance ($750)
($1550 total)


Canon 5D for full frame and High ISO performance plus ($990 after rental credit)
Kodak SLR/c for very good low ISO performance and color fidelity, and a bit more dynamic range

Basically, the Kodak cameras apparently have much better dynamic range (ie amount of information contained between the darkest and brightest points in the image) then the Canon sensors - if you overexpose the Canon too much, it gets nasty and isn’t fixable.

The flip side is the Kodak cameras are HORRIBLE at High ISO, meaning useless for night shots without flash. The one thing that is bad about the Nikon option is having to sell my 1 good lens, and buy the Nikon equivalent..

Decisions, decisions..