The used counter guy totally didn’t recognize me. For only two days ago, chatting for about 15 minutes, I was kind of surprised. Yes, I understand they’re a popular store. But two days is not a long time. I explained the situation to him, and had examples of three completed auctions on Ebay with various amounts of shutter clicks, conditions, etc. and said that the cosmetic condition does not match the internals physical condition, which is more important. As such, I wanted a price adjustment. We had a back in forth about mark-up of a brick-and-mortar vs Ebay, and that I shouldn’t compare, etc, etc, at which point I said that I wasn’t arguing that Adorama would be higher - just not THAT much higher.
He asked what I thought was fair, I said $120. If they had done that, I would not be writing this. Instead, he checked with his boss, and I was told to return the camera. I said I wanted my equipment back, and was told that was not possible, as it was now in NJ. That also would have kept me happy. However, since all they could do was give me the money for the camera, here I am. I also mentioned the film that was in Ti body, and was told “we don’t check for that” - which I found particularly funny given that I TOLD HIM about it when giving it in.

Summary: I got a terrible price for my 70-300 lens, they never got back to me about the film in the camera (the Ti bodies and the Sigma lens were probably trashed), and refused to budge on the S5 Price.

Their error: Not realizing it’s much easier to keep an existing customer happy, then to get a new one.

My error: Not checking EBay pricing before hand. Had I, I would not have sold the lens to them.

Result: They have lost me as a customer, and I’m writing this to let everyone know that their used dept. is incredibly inflexible. For a company with a mission statement of “NOBODY DOES IT BETTER” they certainly failed at their mission. I highly recommend B&H over Adorama now. As it turns out, the Mack camera warranty they sell also has a bad rep on the Internet. So what happened with getting an S5? I went on to, and found one. 11,000 shots, spotless, used as a backup, one owner. $825. CHEAPER then the Adorama body, better condition, local in NJ, so no shipping, and more usable life on it.