I just came back from the 2012 International New York Auto Show. Here are my thoughts about my experience.

  1. It was really hot. That walk from 8th Ave to 11th Ave is brutal.
  2. I’m never going back on a weekend. I definitely have to make time to get it done during the week as there’s just way too many people there to make the experience pleasant.
  3. There were a lot more plug-in hybrids, EVs, and alternative-fuel vehicles. This is a good sign.
  4. Tesla Motors was not there, I guess I mis-read the list on the web site, that kinda sucked.

    Overall, as usual, the show was not bad, but not insanely exciting for me, as it has been the past few years. With the way the economy is, companies just aren’t spending nearly as much on cool concept cars, though it’s definitely on the positive trend this year.

Cars I really liked from the show:

Scion FR-S
This was one of those vehicles I barely knew anything about, but there was a guy near the car that knew quite a bit about it, and was able to get me enthused about a car I would otherwise pass over. I for example, did not know that up until the auto bail-out, GM owned 35% of Subaru. Then Toyota bought out that stake, and now Toyota owns about 40% of Subaru, which explains the collaboration between the two companies on this vehicle. Rear-wheel-drive, limited slip Torsen differential, Boxer engine with direct-injection. Gets 22 MPG in city / 30 on hwy for manual (assuming a bit aggressive driving), and 25 / 34 for automatic (it shifts conservatively).

SRT Viper
Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that title. SRT is now it’s own entity. The new Viper looks awesome. Talked to a rep there who said she got into a bit of trouble in a 2010, and we both agreed the car is aptly named. :-)

Ford Focus Electric
Looks awesome, and is electric. What else needs to be said? $38k price, same as Leaf. Not sure which I’d pick.

Nissan Leaf
It’s back again, just as cool as ever. As mentioned above, $38k before tax incentives.

VW Jetta Diesel Hybrid
Not a huge fan of VW, but the combo could be cool.

DMC DeLorean
They had an original on display, as well as their EV. That was pretty awesome.

Acura NSX Hybrid
Awesome styling. Practicality, well, who knows.

Dodge Dart
The Dart is back! They had a rally car model too.

They had a concept car which was really nice looking.

They had their EV model on display.

Fisker Karma
Looks awesome, totally impractical.

Infiniti EV-L
They had an EV concept which was nice, but likely pricey when it comes to fruition in 2014.

They had an awesome old car on display in excellent condition. Unfortunately I know nothing more then that.

So it was worth the trip, but next year I totally need a wider lens, or bring the canon instead of the Fuji, because between idiots getting in front of me, and me sucking at manually focusing the Zeiss, I’m certain some pics didn’t come out as well as they could have.