As alluded to in an earlier post, I was running Linux Mint both version 12 and 13. However, while the OS itself is good, I do not recommend it for a simple reason - you have to do a clean install for each release. Or, at least, you’re supposed to. That’s because they do something wacky after installs, and I’m not 100% certain what that is. It’s the first Debian-based Linux distribution that cannot do a apt-get upgrade cleanly. There were some ordering issues when doing it. I did make it work. So, I’m running Linux Mint 13. Sort of. It still thinks it’s Linux Mint 12.

I also disabled all of the Linux Mint sources, and am running a mostly-stock Ubuntu 12.04 LTS now. Using cinnamon for my desktop though. May try KDE out at some point.

Ubuntu’s Unity is still not quite for me, but some things are kind of cool in that you just start typing what you’re looking for, and open it. So, it’s not terrible, but I still like my old-school (read: slow) methods. :-)