A while ago, while I was waiting for the Evo to come out on Sprint, I had T-Mobile for a while when I had gotten completely fed up with AT&T’s terrible data speeds. T-Mobile had very good customer service, the pricing was good, the data speeds, the voice quality, everything was good - except coverage. There were times where I was without coverage in Eastchester, NY, where AT&T worked just fine. As it has been, AT&T had a monopoly on Grand Central Station’s underground.

Fast forward to Friday. I had read on some site how T-Mobile was getting rid of all of their post-paid plans except for their Value Plans. So I looked into it, and my god, it’s cheap!
For three lines of service - 1 5GB with Tethering, 1 iPhone unlimited, 1 200MB, unlimited Texting, 700 minutes shared….$240 a month after taxes. The same plan on T-Mobile? With 1000 minutes, 5GB of tethering on all lines – $140 a month before taxes. Almost $100/month difference. Quite worth looking into. Well, I stopped by T-Mobile, and 20 minutes later walked out with a SIM card, 500 minutes, 5GB data, and tethering…Just to give it another shot. Annnd, it only took 1 day to figure out that outside of NYC, T-Mobile still sucks. Near Cross County in Yonkers, which is near a very main road, there was no 3G/4G service - back to old 2G data, which is just not acceptable today…So I will be canceling the service on Monday.

Ah well. Oh, and AT&T’s data is starting to suck again, if you’re not on LTE. :-(