Today I am writing and recommending the Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device. What this does, is allow you to fairly easily get content you have onto the Internet for yourself, friends, and family.

You need an external hard drive. Two good options are:

Western Digital 1 TB External Hard Drive

Or, if you don’t have as much content to store:

Western Digital 500GB External Hard Drive

After getting a hard drive, you can simply copy files like you normally would. Then you’d put it aside, and take your pogoplug out of it’s box. You plug in the power cord, and plug in the network cable into your router (same spot your computer plugs into for the Internet). You go to, and follow the instructions. It takes 90 seconds. Then you plug in the hard drive to the Pogoplug, and you will be sharing files within minutes. What’s really nice is when ever you update the content, the persons you are sharing it with are notified, so you can easily keep family up to date with the latest photos of your children, for instance.

It also streams your music to your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, or webOS (Palm Pre, Pixi) device. I am using it on Android, and it works pretty well.

Amazon has good prices, please use the links above should you wish to purchase anything, as they help support this site.