I recently got both of these from GameStop, as I was in a hurry…but Amazon does have a better deal on them this time…

I paid $59 for the game, and $130 for the wheel, so you’re saving $45 right away off average price - Best Buy has the wheel for $150!

About the items - Gran Turismo 5 (GT5 from now on), is one of the most anticipated driving simulators for the PS3. It’s been delayed forever. But I think it was worth it. It can be challenging to start off, but it’s definitely fun. You have to complete a few “license tests” - like accelerating to as fast as you can get to, and then brake within a desired area, in as little as time possible. There are ones on cornering, braking, etc, to help you understand the controls more. You can then start racing, where you buy a car, win races, get trophies, vehicles, money (game money, not real money)…For someone who’s a car geek, it’s a lot of fun.

As for the wheel, it definitely helps with the experience. However, you’ll need a decent table to mount it on, as the force-feedback can move light tables (like the portable tables you can eat off of) around. The pedals work pretty well, and do respond differently to light force vs hard for acceleration and braking. The different vehicles handle differently, without a doubt. The build quality of it is decent, and it re calibrates itself each time the PS3 is turned on. Frankly, unless the quality is significantly higher, which I have not heard is the case…the higher end wheels are for the truly hardcore only.

It’s definitely a fun game, and a good combo.