We caught up on much needed rest today, so as a result we got up kind of late.
Had M&Ms for breakfast.

We then decided to get going - but we weren’t exactly sure where we were going. We went to the JR Railway station, Shinagawa station, which is near us.
We got on the JR Yamanote line, and headed for Tokyo. We thought this would get us to central tokyo. This wasn’t the case. It took us to the financial district and near the Imperial Palace.

The weather was an issue for us; It was foggy and rainy all day. We walked quite a bit and ended up in the _ mall, and found a place which we had pizza for lunch, which was pretty good.

There we decided we should try and go on a tour; we walked to the place that did the tours and found they weren’t doing any more English ones for the day. So we decided to go to Akhiabara, as we needed to pick up a power adapter (forgot mine).

There was a lot to do there. We looked around, then went to a McDonalds. That was mostly the same, but menu items were different. It was also different in that items were not available immediately. This was because everything was made fresh after you ordered it. Leon had a burger, I only had fries and a drink, as I wasn’t as hungry at that point.

Went to a couple of places like “Club Sega” which had every Sega game machine imaginiable. Then we went looking around to see if they had any lenses for my Canon camera cheap, but nope. Did find a good deal on the Nikon version of the Sigma 50 f/1.4, but no Canon mount in site. :-(

Even in the rain, it’s still hot and nasty weather so far. Ended up putting coat in backpack. Should have brought my other one, not the one mom suggested I take, as it’s too hot to use.

We had Ramen noodles for dinner - really tasty, and really cheap! Close to the hotel. Will go back again.

Money: Down like 11000 yen. Looking back, I’m not sure where I spent it all! That’s about $110 US. Lunch was about $20, dinner was like $10. So not sure where the other $80 went.

The Leica: Got a “shutter fault” on the Leica. Fixed itself after a power cycle or two. Not confidence inspiring. Getting a little better at focusing. I’m finding it difficult to focus when doing a portrait shot, just because of the handling of the camera. I flipped it around, and it was a little easier, but the ergonomics are not the greatest. Low-light performance continues to be disappointing. Anything over 160 (the base ISO) noiser then I would like. 320 is ok but a little grainy. 640 is the end of usable. 1250 is very noisy. So far, seems like this is not the camera for me. Took 4 or 5 shots today with the lens cover on due to the fact there’s no easy way to tell that it’s the case. I did get some good shots I think though.