We got up around 8 AM. Had an incredibly late start at about 1 PM. It’s hard to map out where you’re going sometimes. We decided to go to the Imperial Palace and other things around Central Tokyo again.

We ended up going to the east garden, not the palace proper, as it’s closed to the public anyway for all but 2 days of the year.

The garden was very nice, though after a while was all the same. It was nice to stroll around in, but after 25 minutes of walking, there wasn’t much else to do.

We then decided to go over to Roppongi. So we got on the JR to Daimon, and got off to transfer - where Leon saw the Pokemon Center..So we went there. It’s kinda huge in Japan. After looking around in the store, we got on the subway, and went to Roppongi. We went to Roppongi Hills, becuase that’s pretty much all there is to do here unles you’re looking to get drunk and attempt to make it with Japanese women. Needeless to say, we were not the intednded audeince. So we had a great Tonkatsu dinner at some place in the hills. Afterwards had coffee at Tulley’s Coffe, then went back to hotel.

The Leica: Still terrible in the dark. Used the canon at garden too.