Had issue with laptop not starting. That was not fun.
Today is going to be a very quiet day - Leon didn’t sleep well, and most attractions are closed on Monday. Not sure what we’re going to do. We ate at the combination Western / Japanese buffet for breakfast at the hotel. The Japanese breakfast stuff I can do without, otherwise it was good. Leon’s been resting since then. I haven’t been doing all that much myself, either. I’m going to throw up a few photos on flickr, of the past few days..

Ended up going to the Aquarium and saw the sea lion and dolphin shows. Unfortunately, we found out that there was a discount for hotel guests, but we didn’t get it when we bought the tickets. We didn’t get it back, either. Oh well, live and learn.

We went back to the ramen place for dinner. Easy and cheap.

Money: 12000 Yen.

The Lecia: Nothing new to report. Low light performance was not good for aquarium. Color shift apparent in certain cases - some purple colors come out blue. Hard to do action with the Leica, the Canon got a lot of use.