Went to the Ueno Zoo today. That was fun. Leica got some 50mm lens action today. Forgot to charge the Canon battery, so that was out after only a few shots. The IS stabilzation eats up the battery, which I had on most of the time yesterday at the Sea Lion and Dolphin shows.

Ate dinner at the Isetan building in Shinjuku. Good, but not as good as the place in Roppongi. Going to Kyoto tomorrow, got our seats all set on the Shinkansen.

Money: After going to 7-11 - 7000 Yen. Paid for dinner, half of breakfast (4300 + 1000). Ouch. We still haven’t gotten gifts yet.

The Leica: Shutter fault, again. Power cycle fixed, but not good. 50mm lens good in low light. High contrast makes it difficult to get good low light shots without seemingly blowing out the highlights. Thankfully Lightroom fixes that up.