Need to get things to bring back today, as well as money to buy said items.

We ended up going to Akasuksa to get souvenirs. Tried Mos Burger for lunch. Was the first not-too-impressive food we’ve had here. Again though, not-too-impressive is still good. Not sure what it is about the food here, it’s just that good.

Came back to the hotel and tried to pack everything up..Didn’t work. Went to get another bag. Tried the concierge, who led us to a place, but extremely expensive - like $450 and up, which was way too expensive. So we came back, got some ramen, and tried looking up stuff online. Leon found a place called “Don Quijote” literally, like the character…but nobody online can spell it right. In any case, this store has pretty much everything. We went back out, found a suitcase for $100, and came back. It was surprising to see the amount of people on the train, a good portion of which were drunk.

The Leica: Noticed a spot of dust on the sensor. Kinda sucks, but only in a few pics is it noticeable.