Leaving for home. :-( I will miss Japan.

Checked out at around 11 AM from the hotel, then did the thing we will be doing a lot today - waiting. Waiting until 12 PM to go to the MCDonalds outside so that we can sit outside with our luggage for a while waiting to get on the train, the Narita Express.

Had lunch at McDonalds, found the train easy enough. An hour later, arrived at the airport, and as expected, the Boken Leon bought is already causing trouble. The security staff from the train wanted to wrap it in newspaper, so of course we oblidge them. Up 4 escalators to departures. The staff were helpful in getting us checked in. Had to have the boken boxed up in a “sporting accessory” box from ANA, and then X-rayed. Went through security and immigration without too much incident. Now we’re in the ANA lounge, which is HUGE. Easily 10-20 times the size of the US one. Anything you can think of, it’s here. Beer, coffee, soda, sushi, soba noodles, wine, sandwiches, soup….

On the flight now from Japan to LA. It’s getting dark, and fast. Take-off was delayed due to a storm approaching Narita Airport. Once we were getting ready for take-off, something cool happened - they turned on a camera! They have three screens in the cabin, and displayed it on them. For the first time, I saw what was happening as we took off. It was very cool. As soon as we got in the air, it switched to a birds-eye view, and it’s been on since then.They switched it to a map of our flight, and also showed some news on it, but it’s back to the flight map. However, on the screens at the seat, you can still turn on the camera, which is seemingly in IR mode now, so it can be seen even in the dark. Right now, we’re over a bunch of water.

This is definitely a weird day - starting off in the afternoon, coming in at 11 AM to LA, then back in NY around 10 PM. What a ride.

Wired internet isn’t working on this flight it seems. :-( I get an IP address, but nothing pings or resolves. Oh well.

Now enjoying my plum wine. Better then what I’ve had the US. Notice a trend here?

I’m being a pig. I ate the whole snack in two bites. Tiny bread thing, cheddar cheese, peperoni and sundried tomato.

There’s a game show called “Big Time Spender.” Apparently the Chinese are taking a play from the Japanese book for this one - it’s a Chinese game show.

6:30 PM JST - Time for main meal, have to move the laptop.

Watched Intolerable Cruelty, which was funny but stupid ending.

Tried to get some sleep, but someone in a few rows up has on their seat light and their overhead one on. Highly annoying. In a cabin that’s completely dark so that everyone can sleep, it’s kinda rude. What’s weird is this goes against the Japanese philosophy of not annoyint anothers, but the person in that row looks Japanese. The seat is still kinda annoying for tall people to sleep in. Finally, it’s freaking hot in the cabin. The guy next to where Leon’s bag was is wafting himself with paper as it’s so hot. That’s the other reason neither myself or Leon can sleep. It’s starting to get light out, it’s 7:20 AM in California, and we’re still over the Pacific ocean.

Three hours left.

This is going to be a long day.

As predicted, it was a long day. Next up was the JetBlue flight, which of course, as predicted, gave us issues with the Boken. $30 to check it, but otherwise wasn’t that big of a deal I suppose. Just inconvenient. We got the “even more legroom” seats, which at $50 extra / seat, weren’t really worth it. The main issue was the seats are not wide enough, and on the A320 they stuff 6 across. Who cares about leg room when you can barely wiggle around.

Anyway, once that was over, we got in to JFK, got our stuff, and went to get some food. Then went to Leon’s and finally got to bed.